National Musical Strings Company
Black Diamond Strings
Bell Brand Strings

Alder House, 4 Aldersgate Street,
LONDON, E, C, 1,


It is great pleasure for me to have the opportunityat this time to give a general review of The National Musical Strings Company, of which I have Been an employee the past twenty-six years, First let me say--- We employees of this mill should be glad for all of the comfortable surroundings, everything to be thanksful for.....

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The Growth of the Paper Box Division

The Paper Box Division pf the National Musical Strings Co,was established 1922 by W. R. McClellland. the sole owner, who being in a position to antiepate the vast growth of the National Musical Strings Co. ....

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Photo of the Factory

Here are all the departments photos in the factory. All employee names remain. A historical survey of the National Musical Strings Co. in the late 1920s was published by Japanese researcher Akira Kikuchi.Thank you for your great contribution to the historical research of American culture.

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